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Opal3 has something for everyone and every budget.

Opal3 Lite is the one for you if you want start tracking and improving your essential non-financial performance, including basic risk management.

Opal3 Professional is much more sophisticated about your non-financials (e.g., data feeds, accumulations over time) and also lets you track your key financials. The package is rounded off by allowing you to create formal reporting templates using MS Word and Excel.

Opal3 Enterprise is the only fully adaptable Integrated Reporting tool set on the market, covering high level financials, non-financials and risk management.


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All versions of Opal3
Standard & custom corporate dashboards
Personal “My Dashboard” for every user
Traffic Light Performance Indicators
Variable Frequency Targets
Multiple goals & goal hierarchies
Automated email reminders
User defined reporting & reminder dates
Instant on-screen reporting, clean printing to paper and pdf
Lite Professional Enterprise
Setup Automated, no setup fee Automated, no setup fee Assisted, setup fee on application
Non-financial indicator types 5 (basic)
Qualitative: Text (2 fields).
Quantitative: Number, Percentage, Currency. Completion date
5 (basic)
Qualitative: Text (2 fields).
Quantitative: Number, Percentage, Currency. Completion date
9 (advanced)
Qualitative: Text (1 field), Text (2 fields).
Quantitative:Includes cumulative options: Number, Percentage, Permillage, Currency
Mixed: Completion date, Yes/No, Forced Choice
Risk Management Basic
Risk Matrix (3x3 or 5x5)
Risk Matrix (3x3 or 5x5)
Risk Matrix, (3x3 or 5x5), Consequence Categories, Residual Risk Analysis
Accountability for indicators Owner Owner Business Owner, Owner, Reporter
Notes/comment fields 1, fixed
Provides context for Owners under a single heading
1, fixed
Provides context for Owners under a single heading
Unlimited, user defined
Provides context for Owners & Reporters under multiple customised headings
Customisable terminology Some Some Most
Performance indicator pyramid 2 Levels, fixed 3 Levels, fixed Unlimited, user defined
All Levels and settings fully configurable; multiple numerical results can be combined at higher levels (Sum, Average, Median).
Financial indicator types 2, Fixed
Expenditure & Income - against Budget and optional Forecast
Unlimited, user defined
E.g., Opex, Capex, Revenue - against Budget and optional Forecast
Number of users 15 30 Unlimited
Number of indicators 150 300 Unlimited
API integration
Templated (Word and Excel) reporting
Expected (future) performance indicator type
Future-focused reports and recommendations
Highlight indicators
Highlight unexpected issues and/or exceptional performance in relation to important parameters (e.g., priority, audience, goals)
Automatic user defined criteria for traffic lights in relation to targets
Single sign on
Tailored development at cost
Flexible geo location of data storage & backups


USD per month


USD per month

What people are saying about Opal3

I’ve been flat out with operational work, so I’ve had to do the Opal3 reports last night at 2am. But I have to say, even with that pressure, the system is fantastic! It allowed me to take stock and get my head around the whole range of things I have to manage.

− Paul Green, Manager

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