Opal3 was created by the awesome team at Praxxis Group

Opal3 is the brainchild of Dr. Bernie Frey, CEO of Praxxis Group. The design philosophy is very simple – we want to help you streamline your reporting and improve your organisation’s performance. Everything we do is aimed at achieving that goal.

We created Opal3 to help you best plan, manage and report on your organisation’s performance and risks. Opal3's feature set is based on latest research, established best practice and the result of plenty of experience making organisations more effective and efficient.

World leading performance management

As well as creating and managing your Opal3 site, we can help your organisation with associated tasks, such as:

  • Creating and/or refining strategic objectives and plans
  • Defining and cascading accountabilities
  • Creating and/or refining performance indicators
  • Organisational Training and Development Organisational Research
Team performance photo