All of Opal3's features have been developed in close cooperation with our customers.

Here is quick overview of the most important ones.

Track non-financials, financials & risks

Whether you need to track the things that are not so easy to measure, or the money, or your risks, or all of them together, Opal3 has the solution for you.

One-click reporting

Setting up, saving and sharing on-screen reports is made really easy. Just click the report name to run it again with the most recent data.

More formal, regular one-click reports can be be constructed using your own MS Word and Excel documents.


Customise your corporate and executive dashboards, including Risk Profiles.

Each user also has a customisable personal "My Dashboard", showing indicators that s/he is responsible for, including those that belong to her/his subordinates. 

Accountability is key

Use your people's expertise to translate data into information and information into actionable knowledge.

Operational and external data are interpreted in the context of broader areas of accountability by the very people who are responsible for delivery. 

Automated email reminders

Reminders can be configured to be sent to all users some days in advance of the due date.

Non-reporting can be set to trigger escalation emails.

Quarterly and monthly targets

Both numerical and qualitative targets can be set. Performance can then be mapped over time against targets to show trends as they arise.

Automated data feeds

Standard APIs are available to get data into and out of Opal3. This eliminates the need for double entry and allows your people to concentrate on what they're good at: Providing professional judgment and recommendations.

Microsoft® Word & Excel Templates

Use your own Word and Excel files to create fully formatted reporting templates. A 'mail merge' system then allows you to pull information from Opal3 (numbers, traffic lights, pie charts, graphs, comments) into your reports.