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Take stock and get your head around the whole range of operational and strategic tasks.

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I’ve been flat out with operational work, so I’ve had to do the Opal3 reports last night at 2am. But I have to say, even with that pressure, the system is fantastic! It allowed me to take stock and get my head around the whole range of things I have to manage.

Paul Green, Manager

I have found Opal3 to be user friendly, fit for purpose and offers great value for money. Importantly, the level of service has been impressive with a quick turnaround in response to questions and product improvements.

Julie-Ann Morrison, Deputy Secretary Support Services

Top marks for service and support - the Opal3 team truly go well above the call of duty

Tushar Shreyakar, Senior Advisor CCOs Financial Planning, Policy and Budgeting

Opal3 does its thing, simply and effectively, right across the corporate.

Mark Le Comte, Business Planning Advisor

We have used the Opal3 system to implement a priorities reporting process within the Ministry for reports to our Leadership Team. Opal3 has been an extremely effective reporting tool that is easy to use, flexible, and provides a transparent repository of information that can be easily accessed by all users. The support and service that Bernie and the team have provided us has been exemplary, and has made the implementation of our new system a near seamless transition.

Benn Jordan, Senior Advisor, Planning & Reporting; Governance Support Team

In delivering our annual operating plan, the Information Services (IS) team for the NZTA have over 50 business outcomes that need to be owned, reported and monitored with any deviations or trends clearly understood so that appropriate focus can be applied. For the last 2 years, Opal3 has been the tool that IS use to ensure we deliver to plan, providing full transparency across a diverse range of metrics relating to cost, risks, people, service levels and service value. Opal3 is a true cloud offering - but there is nothing cloudy about the information it presents to our stakeholders.

Craig Soutar, Chief Information Officer

Opal3 is providing Hutt City Council with the ability to monitor whether or not we are achieving the outcomes we have set for ourselves simply and meaningfully for a range of audiences.

Wendy Moore, Divisional Manager, Strategy and Planning

We were impressed with the system's ability to capture performance information from right across council in an efficient and effective manner and present that information in a format that was both easy to understand and fully transparent. It focused our management effort across all directorates and made reporting against our outputs and outcomes as per LTP into more of a "business as usual" exercise rather than the "exceptional event" it had been.

Kevin Ramsay, Director Finance

…very clever. Enables me to quickly see the bigger picture across a really diverse directorate.

Lloyd Barton, Director Customer Service

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your Opal3 system. It’s great to get a system that is simple for the end-user…easy to understand and use, and saves a lot of hassle over the year. Nice one!

Gareth Hughes, Transport Safety Manager

I’ve been flat out with operational work, so I’ve had to do the Opal3 reports last night at 2 am. But I have to say, even with that pressure, the system is bloody fantastic! It made me take stock and get my head around a whole range of things I have to do.

Paul Green, Manager Community Development

I’ve been so impressed with OPAL that I’ve prepared a report about best practice management relating to Water Supply and Wastewater, to showcase OPAL’s capacity to monitor performance and prevent slippage (Three Waters Levels of Service – Good Practice Examples, Oct 2008).

Shantha Kumar,Water Services Manager